... shopping on Praslin...

Convenience stores, owned by seychellois-indians are found at nearly every corner on the Island.


Well-sorted food stores are located in Grand Anse and can be reached within 10 min by foot from the Chez Marlin Guesthouse.


You will also find small retail outlets, selling locally or imported souvenirs or products.


Fresh fish can be purchased on a small market, the roadside or directly on the beach, but always without any fixed hours.


For those who don't want to cook themselves, there are several options to go out, such as small hotel restaurants or take-aways.


We recommend to ask for prices in advance and would like to help in case of any further questions.


Take-aways offer easy, but really tasty food for affordable prices.


There are Money Changers, internet cafés and several banks to be found directly in Grand Anse.


Lots of shops are closing around 5 p.m. but food stores are opened even on Sundays until 8 p.m.



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