... transports on Praslin...

Bus tickets are really reasonably priced on Praslin.

You'll receive the needed time schedules from us though we experienced that being on time is rarely fulfilled.

The bus stop can be reached within 5 minutes by foot from the Chez Marlin Guesthouse.

Surely, most of the points of interest are accessible by bus and foot.

Unfortunately there are no public night buses at all.

Bus drivers do not accept luggage due to the shortage of space.



Taxis are always available at the airport and jetty.

They are marked with the typical taxi sign but don't have any taximeters, that's why it is important to fix the price before entering.




Please be aware of the left-hand-traffic in the Seychelles.

If you are a prospective and experienced driver and decided to rent a car please always note that the manner of driving of the creoles is very special.

There are lots of car rentals on the Island so we recommend to compare the different price levels first.






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